$25 savings (No Registration Fee)

Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

$25 savings (No Registration Fee)

Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Megan Brammer

We have been so happy with our 11 year old sons guitar lessons, he is loving music and is so excited for his lessons each week. His instructor has been so patient. They have been willing to work around schedule changes. We would highly recommend Sandy Music Academy.

Jana Glass

We have been extremely satisfied with Piano Masters and have seen our son learn the piano very well. We have been with Piano Masters for 2 years now and the teacher's are friendly and do their best to help your children flourish. I definitely would recommend.

Misty Moss

I have been amazed at my daughter’s progress in her first year of piano lessons at Piano Masters. Kristen is so patient and has a great way of making the lessons fun and with variety. There are monthly practice incentives and even sometimes ice cream! Communication is great, with weekly emails to know what my daughter is working on. It makes all the difference to have a teacher who loves music and teaching. I would definitely recommend.

Tamara Fitzgerald reviewed Sandy Music Academy
via Facebook

My son has enjoyed taking piano lessons, and has learned a lot over the last year. We are very pleased. 🙂

Camille Baird

My daughter likes her teacher. Seems to motivate her in other areas of her life as well.

Steven Cline

They are great! Excellent instructor who is patient and able to adapt to student's learning style.

Marisa Hernandez

Kristen is the most patient and amazing teacher ever. She is a friend to my kids and treats them like her own.

Kristin Hillman

We have had other piano teachers, but we like Piano Masters Studio best. We are pleased with the results and progress our students are getting through Piano Masters Studio. We have had two other piano instructors, and even when Piano Masters moved to a location across the valley from us, we returned to her. It is worth the drive!

Mason Scott

Great teachers. 👍🏼

Colton Woodley-
Google Local Guide

Great instructors.
Easy to work with.

Nicole Peterson

We love Addie! She is so great with our daughter and makes learning fun. Our daughter has learned a lot from her so far on how to use her voice properly and sing with confidence. Highly recommend Sandy Music Academy!

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The leader in play-based, piano-focused music programming, KiddyKeys is designed to teach music theory concepts and appreciation, providing children with the opportunity for self-expression while they explore music through keyboard improvisation.

KiddyKeys is a modern & engaging approach to teaching piano skills and music concepts to preschool children ages 2.5 to 5 years old!

Michelle Murphy, a KiddyKeys instructor wrote, “Research has shown that a student’s foundation for learning, understanding, and appreciating music is developed by the age of five. As a piano teacher, I often meet three to five-year-old children who are not quite ready for formal private instruction, but love music and are eager to learn. I researched different early childhood music curriculums in order to find a developmentally appropriate program that would prepare students for private lessons in the future. I chose KiddyKeys because it is a program with substance that goes beyond singing and dancing. There is a clear objective to each lesson that prepares students to eventually become proficient musicians and/or well-informed listeners and music appreciators.” Check out more awesome testimonials at:  https://www.kiddykeys.com/curriculum/testimonials/

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